5 ways Artificial Intelligence will change the world:

Though at the nascent stage, Artificial intelligence has already started catching up! In a lot of sectors – industrial, medical, entertainment, transport, hospitality – artificial intelligence has begun making its presence felt. And this fast spreading impact of Artificial intelligence is definitely going to affect the entire world. We have to be prepared, and some things which we need to know are:

Artificial intelligence and love:
You no longer need a human to experience the beautiful emotion of love. Apparently, there is a Companion robot, which emotes the complicated feeling of love. It sounds really weird, but people, brace yourselves, it’s happening. It will probably be a solution to all those lonely depressed souls out there. Still strange, whether you will opt for these robots or not, but it’s good to at least keep up to date with recent trends right?

Automated transportation:
Yes, you heard that right! And that’s a pretty good defense to not learning to drive! The brighter side of automated transportation is, of course, hassle-free driving for physically disabled people, hand-on mothers amongst others. Though there have been quite some issues with driverless cars and trucks, the future definitely seems to be bright for this technology.

Improved care for the elderly:
Most of the times, it is not possible to be around the senior citizens in your home. But don’t worry, AI has a solution for this too! Artificial Intelligence has come up with “Home” robots which perform all everyday tasks for seniors and makes their lives easier. Staying alone is no longer troublesome with these Home robots around. You need not worry about the safety of the elders in your absence anymore.

These robots will be soon inducted in defence establishments all around the world. Already a part of the US military, these Robo-warriors will help the army in a variety of ways. The Agency which developed Robo-warriors is also working on the development of robots that will be useful in disaster management. Good use of AI must say!

AI – an excellent career option:
AI is developing, and it is also emerging as a unique career opportunity. The number of AI researchers that are getting hired to develop AI is staggeringly increasing by the day. AI is not only impacting various other sectors, but it is also proving to be excellent employment and career opportunity. Those interested can have a great career ahead.